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The University of Richmond's mathematics program provides students the opportunity to study the science of number, quantity and space, including applications to other fields.


Erin Gibbons, '15 was awarded this year's James D. Crump Prize for Excellence in Mathematics and John Clikeman, '16, and Yi Guo, '17, received the Outstanding Mathematics Student Award. Congratulations to all.

Congratulations to Becca Funke, '16, winner of a Goldwater Scholarship for next year.

Congratulations to Scholar-Athlete Award winners, and math majors Erin Geoghan, Hannah Holub, and Kerri Soppe. To earn this award, a student athlete must be at least a sophomore and have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or better.

Natalie Clark, '13, who is currently pursuing a PhD in biomathematics at NC State, has been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and an East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Grant, which will allow her to spend 10 weeks in Japan conducting collaborative reserach. 

Faculty Highlights

  • Ross Book

    Dr. Bill Ross and two coauthors will soon publish Introduction to Model Spaces and their Operators with Cambridge University Press.

  • Dumbaugh Book

    Dr. Della Dumbaugh recently published the book Emil Artin and Beyond: Class Field Theory and L-Functions.

  • Presentations at American Mathematical Society meeting

    Mathematics professors Lester Caudill, Della Dumbaugh, Michael Kerckhove, and William Ross, presented papers at the January 2015 meeting of the American Mathematical Society in San Antonio, TX. This is the largest meeting in the world and features mathematicians and students presenting new research results.

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Dr. Della Dumbaugh, Professor of Mathematics, University of Richmond

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