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2018–19 Colloquium Series

This Colloquium Series is sponsored by the Math and Computer Science Department. Unless otherwise noted, all talks take place in Jepson Hall Room 109 at 4:30 p.m. Starting at 4 p.m. light refreshments will be served in the lounge outside of Jepson 212 — please join us. Talks will be added as they are scheduled; please check back often.

Up Next

October 22: Zerotti Woods, University of Georgia, Department of Mathematics

Title: The Effects of Ill Conditioning in Neural Network

Abstract: "Deep Neural Networks have shown much success in solving problems in a diverse set of applications (i.e. computer vision, computational biology, finance, etc). Although we have proof about universal approximation of these networks the problem of training them is known to be very difficult. The ill conditioning of the hessian has been shown to be one of the sources of this difficulty. In this talk we will discuss problems and neural network architecture that causes a ill conditioned hessian. I will also discuss how this can interplay with analysis of high frequency telemetry data taken from a malaria infection on Non Human Primates."


October 29: Lincoln Mullen, George Mason, Department of Art and Art History

Title: TBA

November 5: Doron Levy, University of Maryland, Department of Mathematics

Title: TBA

November 9: Evgenia Smirni, College of William and Mary, Computer Science Department ** Special Friday Session in Business School Room 114 **

Title: TBA

November 12: Juraj Foldes, University of Virginia, Department of Mathematics

Title: TBA

November 14: David Mimno, Cornell University, Information Science, Computing and Information Science **This is a Wednesday Colloquium**

Title: TBA

November 26: Neal Bushaw, Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Mathematics

Title: TBA

January 28: Laura Ellwein-Fix, Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Mathematics

Title: TBA

April 1: Greg Morrisett, Cornell, Dean of Computing and Information Sciences

Title: TBA

Past Events

September 3: Student Summer Research Presentations I

Diksha Kataria, Xinxuan Zhang, Shiyi Wang, Alamby He (Paul Kvam, mentor); Salar Ather (Taylor Arnold, mentor); Shuzhi Zeng & Nayzaw Aung Win (Lester Caudill, mentor); Maxine Xin (Prateek Bhakta, mentor); Sinan Kivanc (Prateek Bhakta, mentor); Miles Clikeman (Heather Russell, mentor)

September 10: Student Summer Research Presentations II

Stephen Owen, Berke Nuri, Abhishek Shilpakar (Doug Szajda, mentor); Sophie Borchart, Palmer Robins, Jonathan Rodriguez (Jory Denny, mentor); Caleb Brooks, Aaqil Zakarya (Jory Denny, mentor); Basil Arafat (Jory Denny, mentor); Jojo Zhou (Jory Denny, mentor); Michael Bonifonte (Lewis Barnett, mentor); Hammed Hassan (Lewis Barnett, mentor)

October 8: Dominique Guillot, University of Delaware, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Title: Positivity Preserver Problems

Abstract:  "Determining which transformations map the set of positive semidefinite matrices into itself is a classical problem that continues to attract a lot of attention. I will give a historical account of matrix positivity and of operations that preserve it, and will discuss several applications of positivity preservers in geometry, combinatorics, and statistics. The talk should be accessible to anyone with a basic knowledge of linear algebra and calculus."