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The University of Richmond's mathematics program provides students the opportunity to study the science of number, quantity and space, including applications to other fields.

Calculus Placement TestIncoming first-year students can take our calculus self-placement test to determine which course for them to register for.
Department News

Larry LeemisWe are excited to welcome Dr. Larry Leemis as the Gaines Chair in Mathematics for spring 2019. He joins us from the faculty of William and Mary.

Mike Kitimet, '19, received a Projects for Peace grant to build the first library in his hometown of Kiserian, Kenya.

The 79th William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition-UR
December 1, 2018, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Jepson Hall 109
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Faculty Highlights

  • Ross Article

    Math professor Bill Ross published, "Has one of math’s greatest mysteries, the Riemann hypothesis, finally been solved?" in The Conversation.

  • Tilton, Arnold Grant

    Rhetoric professor Lauren Tilton and mathematics professor Taylor Arnold received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop software that will analyze how moving images such as film, television, and news broadcasts shape cultural norms.

  • Dumbaugh Article

    Math professor Della Dumbaugh and her daughter Hannah Fenster published "Calculating Intersections: The Crossroads of Mathematics and Literature in the Lives of Mother and Daughter," in the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics.

  • Ross Book

    Math professor Bill Ross published Finite Blashke Products and Their Connections.

  • Russell Paper

    Math professor Heather Russell published "Equivalence of edge bicolored graphs on surfaces" in The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics.

  • Ross Article

    Mathematics professor  Bill Ross  and Timothy Ferguson, ’06, published “The range and valence of a real Smirnov function,” in the journal Analysis and Mathematical Physics.


  • Dumbaugh and Russell Grant

    Drs. Della Dumbaugh and Heather Russell have received an NSF grant to develop programming that advances women in math.

  • Dumbaugh Article

    Dr. Della Dumbaugh published "The 'Wide Influence' of Leonard Eugene Dickson," with colleague Amy Shell-Gellasch in the American Mathematical Society's Notices.

  • Ross Service Award

    Dr. Bill Ross was recently recgonized for 25 years of service to the University of Richmond.

  • Davis Fulbright

    Dr. Jim Davis recently received a Fulbright Global Scholar award, to allow him to travel to Germany, France, and Canada to work with colleagues on solving problems related to coding theory and combinatorics

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The University of Richmond's Scholarship Repository shares faculty publications with a world-wide audience. The map below shows where articles from math and computer science faculty are being read around the globe.

Feature Stories

A hometown giftMike Kitimet, '19, used a Projects for Peace grant to open a library in his hometown. Read his story.
Math faculty and students attend WINRS at UVAMath professors Heather Russell and Della Dumbaugh chaired sessions at the Women’s Intellectual Network Research Symposium (WINRS) at UVA, where they were joined by UR students Barbara Fujita, Basel Arafat, Jonathan Rodriquez, Madeline Polhill, Ying Wu and Cathy Shi. Of special note, Basel presented his research the poster session and Ying and Cathy each gave a talk on their work on Solomon Lefschetz.

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