Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

The University of Richmond’s mathematics program provides students the opportunity to study the science of number, quantity, and space, including applications to other fields.

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Incoming first-year students can take our calculus self-placement test to determine the course for which they should register.
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Check out Big Math Network, an online resource that promotes careers in Business, Industry and Government to students and departments of the mathematical sciences.

Game Night for Mathemematics & Statistics and Computer Science majors, Tuesdays at 6:00 PM in Jepson Hall 212C during fall and spring semesters.

If you are a first year student interested in mathematics, mathematical economics, statistics, or data science, and would like to be added to our email list serv, send a request to Kathy Rothert,

Geese family on pond

On Campus Math Is A Constant

For UR mathematics professor Michael Kerckhove, math is all around. And a big part of his strategy as an educator is encouraging students to think about the math they see every day.

For example: geese and basketball games.

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Mathematics & Statistics Colloquium

November 6 at 1:30 PM

Location: Jepson Faculty Lounge on the first floor of Jepson Hall

Speaker: M. Saif Mehkari, Associate Professor of Economics and Paul Clikeman Teaching Fellow, University of Richmond

Title: Converting Local Consumption Responses to an Aggregate Fiscal Multiplier

Abstract: Economists use mathematics in many different ways. In this colloquium I will discuss one of my recently accepted papers on calculating the aggregate fiscal multiplier. Using data, we estimate that a $1 increase in county-level government spending increases local non-durable consumer spending by $0.29. The starting point for the talk will be the intuition (economic, mathematical, and practical) for our interest in the multiplier. We then translate this to an aggregate multiplier using a Heterogeneous Agent New Keynesian model. We further use this calibrated mathematical model to understand the mechanisms that link a local multiplier to an aggregate multiplier. Through the discussion of this paper and its results I will explain the process economists use to perform such calculations and highlight how mathematics acts as a foundation for economic analysis. The paper uses techniques and ideas from statistics, calculus, differential equations, and numerical analysis

Student Success

Andrew Brady, '24, a double major in mathematics and computer science, has been awarded a Goldwater Scholarship. The Goldwater Scholarship is a national award for students who are pursuing STEM disciplines and who are likely to go to graduate school in a STEM discipline.

Mathematics & Statistics

Faculty Highlights

Dr. Lilla Orr
Orr Published

Lilla Orr, assistant professor of data science and statistics, published "Is Affective Polarization Driven by Identity, Loyalty, or Substance?" in the American Journal of Political Science.

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Dr. Joanna Wares
Wares Delivered Presentation

Joanna Wares, associate professor of mathematics, presented "One Ginger's Thoughts on Higher Education" as the BIO-SIGMAA Speaker at the 17th Annual Symposium on BEER (Biomathematics and Ecology Education and Research).

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Dr. Heather M. Russell
Russell Published

Heather M. Russell, associate professor of mathematics, and Prateek Bhakta, associate professor of computer science, together with former UR colleague Sara Krehbiel and UR alums Rachel Morris '20, Aalok Sathe '21, Wesley Su '20, and Maxine Xin '20, published "Block symmetries in graph coloring reconfiguration systems" in Advances in Applied Mathematics.

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Dr. William Ross
Ross Awarded

William Ross, Roger Francis and Mary Saunders Richardson Chair in Mathematics and professor of mathematics, received the 2023 Distinguished Scholarship Award from the University of Richmond at Colloquy.

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