Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

The University of Richmond’s mathematics program provides students the opportunity to study the science of number, quantity, and space, including applications to other fields.

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Check out Big Math Network, an online resource that promotes careers in Business, Industry and Government to students and departments of the mathematical sciences.

Game Night for Mathemematics & Statistics and Computer Science majors, Tuesdays at 6:00 PM in Jepson Hall 212C.

If you are a first year student interested in mathematics, statistics, or data science, and would like to be added to our email list serv, send a request to Kathy Rothert,

Joanna Wares Awarded Grant

Wares Receives Funding for Opioid Crisis Research

Joanna Wares, a mathematics professor and chair of the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, is receiving grant support for research on mathematically modeling interventions for the opioid crisis.

This project, supported by the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics, combines mathematics with public health policy issues. Wares is collaborating with professor Zeynep Teymuroglu at Rollins College in Florida. The research is an extension of their previous work with Penn Injury Science Center on predicting the impact of placing an overdose prevention site in Philadelphia.

Wares and Teymuroglu will engage underrepresented students in a working group focused on building mathematical models related to the opioid crisis. 

Mathematics & Statistics Colloquium
Monday 27 March
1:30 PM, Jepson Hall 109

Ovidiu Lipan, PhD

Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics, University of Richmond

Title: The Beauty I See in the Mathematics I Use

Abstract: The theories of physics are not perfect, they approximate reality. However, the imperfection is balanced by the presence of elegance, for elegance and truth have many things in common. In this talk I will cover elegant aspects of mathematics that I use in my research. One aspect is related to the solution to Maxwell’s equation for stained glass laminae. The beauty of stained glass has captured the imagination of humans since antiquity, and we remain fascinated by the experience of light passing through stained glass. Could it be that the mathematics of this scattering problem displays an equivalent beauty? If time permits, I will cover other elegant mathematical aspects too, related to algebraic curves from devices with memory and topological numbers in present day physics.

Student Success

Andrew Brady, '24, a double major in mathematics and computer science, has been awarded a Goldwater Scholarship. The Goldwater Scholarship is a national award for students who are pursuing STEM disciplines and who are likely to go to graduate school in a STEM discipline.

Mathematics & Statistics

Faculty Highlights

Dr. Heather M. Russell
Russell Selected

Heather Russell, associate professor of mathematics, has been selected as the summer 2023 mathematicians in residence for the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics' Director's Mathematician in Residence Program.

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Dr. William Ross
Ross Published

William Ross, professor of mathematics and Roger Francis and Mary Saunders Richardson Chair in Mathematics, published the book Operator Theory by Example with Oxford University Press. 

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Dr. Della Dumbaugh
Dumbaugh Published

Della Dumbaugh, professor of mathematics, published the article "Building Communities" in The Mathematical Intelligencer. This article draws from our recent book Count Me In: Community and Belonging in Mathematics.

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Dr. Taylor Arnold
Arnold Awarded

Photogrammar, a project led by Taylor Arnold, associate professor of statistics; and Lauren Tilton, associate professor of digital humanities; along with colleagues in the Digital Scholarship Lab at UR and American Studies at Yale University, was awarded the American Studies Association's 2022 Garfinkel Prize in Digital Humanities.

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