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The University of Richmond's mathematics program provides students the opportunity to study the science of number, quantity and space, including applications to other fields.

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This fall, Mathematics and Mathematical Economics majors can elect to add a new interdisciplinary minor, Data Science and Statistics. The minor in Data Science and Statistics prepares students to address the challenges of collecting, understanding, and presenting structured and unstructured data from a variety of different domains and contexts. We will continue to offer the Data Science and Statistics concentration for Mathematics majors.

Andrew Brady, R'24, a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science, has been awarded a Goldwater Scholarship. The Goldwater Scholarship is a national award for students who are pursuing STEM disciplines and who are likely to go to graduate school in a STEM discipline.

Published: "Count Me In: Community and Belonging in Mathematics", AMS press, 2022. Edited by Della Dumbaugh, Professor of Mathematics, University of Richmond, and Deanna Haunsperger, Professor of Mathematics at Carleton College.


If you are a first year student interested in mathematics, statistics, or data science, and would like to be added to our email list serv, send a request to Kathy Rothert,

Faculty Highlights

  • Wares & UR Colleagues Published

    Joanna Wares, associate professor of mathematics and chair of the Department of Mathematics, along with colleagues Kristine Grayson, associate professor of biology, and Angie Hilliker, associate professor of biology, published the article, "R Markdown as a Dynamic Interface for Teaching: Modules from Math and Biology Classrooms," in Mathematical Biosciences.

  • Torres Published

    Marcella Torres, director of mathematical studies, with colleagues from the MultiScale Modeling (MSM) Consortium hosted by the Interagency Modeling and Analysis Group (IMAG), published "Model Integration in Computational Biology: The Role of Reproducibility, Credibility and Utility" in Frontiers in Systems Biology.

  • Arnold and Tilton Awarded

    Taylor Arnold, associate professor of statistics, and Lauren Tilton, assiociate professor of digital humanities, received a $485,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation for their Distant Viewing Toolkit project. Learn more.


  • Dumbaugh Published

    Della Dumbaugh, professor of mathematics, published a new book, Count Me In: Community and Belonging in Mathematics. This groundbreaking work explores the powerful role of communities in mathematics.

  • Wares Awarded Grant

    Joanna Wares, chair of the Department of Math & Computer Science and associate professor of mathematics, was awarded a grant from the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics. The grant provides funds for research with UR undergraduates and collaborating faculty at Rollins College to use mathematical models to understand opioid crisis interventions. Learn more.

  • Arnold and Tilton Awarded

    Taylor Arnold, associate professor of statistics, and Lauren Tilton, assistant professor of digital humanities, received a National Endowment for the Humanities Digital Humanities Advancement grant. Learn more.

  • Wares Published

    Joanna Wares, chair of the Department of Math & Computer Science and associate professor of mathematics, published "Predicting the Impact of Placing an Overdose Prevention Site in Philadelphia: A Mathematical Modeling Approach," in the Harm Reduction Journal

  • Dumbaugh Launches Podcast

    Della Dumbaugh, professor of mathematics, launched a new podcast, Count Me In, dedicated to broadening the understanding of what it means to be a mathematician through a series of hosted conversations. Listen here.

  • Dumbaugh Named Editor-in-Chief

    Della Dumbaugh, assistant chair and professor of mathematics, was named editor-in-chief of American Mathematical Monthly, a publication of the Mathematical Association of America. Read more here.

  • Interactive Photo Collection

    Photogrammar, an open-access, web-based tool that allows users to easily navigate and engage photographs taken between 1935-1943, is now housed at UR thanks to the work of Lauren Tilton, assistant professor of rhetoric & communication studies, and Taylor Arnold, assistant professor of statistics. Read more about the program here.

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The University of Richmond's Scholarship Repository shares faculty publications with a world-wide audience. The map below shows where articles from math and computer science faculty are being read around the globe.

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