Richmond Home
Assistant Professor of Statistics
Cultural Analytics
Natural Language Processing
Computer Vision
Statistical Computing
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Applied Mathematics
Mathematical Biology
Biomedical Applications of Mathematical Modeling
Professor of Mathematics
Number Theory
Coding Theory
Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics Program Coordinator
Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Division Algebras
Brauer Groups
Artifical Life
Algorithmic Art
Director of Introductory Mathematics
Professor of Mathematics
Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Associate Professor of Mathematics
IQS Program Coordinator
Differential Geometry
Professor of Statistics
Mathematical Economics Program Coordinator
Mathematical and applied statistics
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Partial Differential Equations
Nonlinear Functional Analysis
Numerical Methods for Surface Evolution
Geometric Evolution Equations
Theory of Function Spaces
Level Set Methods
Free Boundary Problems
Dynamical Systems Theory
Adjunct Lecturer in Mathematics
Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics
Professor of Mathematics
Professor of Mathematics
Complex analysis
Operator theory
Administrative Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Geometric topology
Knot invariants
Diagrammatic algebra
Graph theory
Connections to representation theory
Broadening representation in STEM fields
Visiting Lecturer of Mathematics
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Mathematical medical science
Nosocomical infections
Traumatic brain injury
Oncolytic virotherapy
Emeritus Professor
Qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations