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Dr. Van Nall

Professor of Mathematics & Statistics Emeritus
  • Publications

    Kerckhove, M.G., & Nall, V.C. Calculus Laboratories with Mathematica (vols. 1, 2 and 3). McGraw Hill: New York, 1993.

    Journal Articles

    Dynamical properties of shift maps on inverse limits with a set valued function, with Judy Kennedy, to appear in Ergotic Theory and Dynamical Systems (2016).

    Some results about inverse limits with set-valued bonding functions, with Iztok Bani and Matev Repnjak, Topology and its Applications, (2016), pp. 106-111.

    More continua which are not the inverse limit with a closed subset of a unit square, Houston J. Math. 41 (2015), no. 3, 1039-1050.

    The only finite graph that is an inverse limit with a set valued function on [0,1] is an arc, Topology and its Applications, 159 (2012), pp. 733-736

    Connected inverse limits with a set-valued function, Topology Proceedings, 40 (2012) 167-177.

    Inverse Limits with set-valued functions, Houston Journal of Mathematics 37, no. 4 (2011): 1323-1332.

    Finite graphs that are inverse limits with a set valued function on [0,1], Topology and its Applications 158 (2011) pp. 1226-1233.

    Centers and shore points in λ-dendroids, Topology Proceedings 31 No. 1 (2007) 227-242

    "Centers and shore points of a dendroid," Topology and its Applications 154 (2007) 2167–2172

    Nall, V.C. (2006) Centers of a Dendroid. Fundamenta Mathematica, v. 189.

    Nall, V.C., & Heath, J. (2004)  Tree-like continua and 2-to-1 maps. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, v. 132.

    Nall, V.C. (2003) No arc-connected treelike continuum is the 2-to-1 image of a continuum. Fundamenta Mathematica, v. 180.

    Nall, V.C. (2002) Reduced 2-to-1 maps and decompositions of graphs with no 2-to-1 cut sets. Topology and its Applications, v.123.

    Nall, V.C. (2001) Locally 1-to-1 maps and 2-to-1 retractions. Houston Journal of Mathematics, v. 27.

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