Transferring Courses

Transferring Mathematics Courses to UR

The University Registrar handles the process of transferring courses taken elsewhere for graduation credit at UR. Students should consult the Registrar’s website for an up-to-date set of general rules and forms. These can be found at the following links; the second contains extra information for transfer requests from non-U.S. institutions.

Once a request is sent to the Registrar, the mathematics program is responsible for determining whether mathematics courses can be “counted” as an equivalent course at UR. This pertains to both field of study requirements, as well as major, minor, or concentration requirements.

The mathematics program has established specific guidelines for course equivalencies, which are stated below. To avoid unexpected transfer rejections after having already taken a course, it is highly recommended that students obtain approval for mathematics courses that will be taken elsewhere prior to enrolling by submitting the following forms linked above.

In addition to the course-specific guidelines listed below, we will not approve transfer requests for courses taken remotely or for courses below the level of calculus.

MATH 102 (Problem Solving Using Finite Mathematics)

The Mathematics Program does not allow students to transfer external courses for credit towards MATH 102. This class is specifically designed to meet the FSSR requirement. Courses taken elsewhere, despite a similar description, are unlikely to follow the same guidelines.

MATH 211, MATH 212, and MATH 235 (Calculus I and II; Multivariate Calculus)

Transfer credit can be awarded for all three calculus courses offered by the department and used to satisfy the FSSR requirement. Approval of courses follows two criteria:

  • The course must be offered as part of a mathematics major. Calculus courses for non-majors with titles such as "Calculus for Applications" and "Business Calculus" will not be approved.
  • The course should have equivalent content to the UR courses.

MATH 245, MATH 300, MATH 306, MATH 320, MATH 329

These courses are required as part of the major in mathematics or mathematical economics. While it is possible to transfer these courses from other institutions, this requires demonstrating that the course contents are equivalent or greater than the material covered in the UR courses. Students are strongly encouraged to fulfill these requirements at UR.

MATH 300-level Electives

Upper-level elective courses can be transferred to UR in fulfillment of the major requirements. These do not need to directly match a course offered in the department but do need to be at or above the same level of sophistication as our current electives. A good sign that a course will be able to transfer is to see if it has a prerequisite equivalent to MATH 235 (Multivariate Calculus), MATH 245 (Linear Algebra), or MATH 300 (Fundamentals of Abstract Mathematics).

For mathematics specific questions about transferring courses, contact Dr. Heather Russell