Proposed Courses

Course descriptions and prerequisites are on the Mathematics & Statistics Courses page.

Note that course offerings each semester are subject to change.

Course Title Spring '24 Fall '24 Spring '25 Fall '25
MATH 102 Finite Mathematics
MATH 211 Calculus I
MATH 212 Calculus II
MATH 235 Multivariate Calculus
MATH 245 Linear Algebra
MATH 300 Fundamentals of Abstract Mathematics
MATH 304 Mathematical Models in Medicine & Biology
MATH 306 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 309 Financial Mathematics
MATH 310 Advanced Calculus
MATH 312 Differential Equations
MATH 319 Game Theory
MATH 320 Real Analysis I
MATH 328 Numerical Analysis
DSST 329 Probability
DSST 330 Mathematical Statistics
MATH 331 Complex Analysis
MATH 345 Linear Algebra II
MATH 358 Combinatorics
DSST 389 Advanced Data Science
MATH 395 Special Topics in Mathematics & Statistics
MATH 395 courses vary by semester. See Bannerweb for current course descriptons.

 The following courses count as 300-level math electives: DSST 329, DSST 330, and DSST 389. Please contact the Data Science & Statistics Program Coordinator with questions regarding these courses.


















Note that these schedules are subject to change.