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Dr. Paul Kvam
Professor of Statistics
Selected Publications

Basic Statistical Tools for Improving Quality (2012), with Chang-Wook Kang, Wiley Press.


Bae, Suk Joo, Giang Do, and Paul Kvam. "On Data Depth and the Application of Nonparametric Multivariate Statistical Process Control Charts." Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 32, no. 5 (2016): 660-76. doi:10.1002/asmb.2186.

Mun, Byeong Min, Suk Joo Bae, and Paul H. Kvam. "A Superposed Log-Linear Failure Intensity Model for Repairable Artillery Systems." Journal of Quality Technology 45, no. 1 (January 2013): 100-15.

Sun, Quan, Yanzhen Tang, Jing Feng, and Paul Kvam. "Stress-Lifetime Joint Distribution Model for Performance Degradation Failure." Information: An International Interdisciplinary Journal 15, no. 12 (December 2012): 5839-846.

Repairable artillery system model for bathtub shaped failure intensity” (2013) with S. J. Bae and B. M. Mun, Journal of Quality Technology, 45, 110-115.

“Adjusted Empirical Likelihood Models with Estimating Equations for Accelerated Life Tests” (2011) with J.-C. Lu, N. Wang and D. Chen. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Vol. 141, 140-155.

Electoral voting and population distribution in the United States” (2010), Chance Magazine, Vol. 23, No. 1, 41-47.

“Extending the Skill Test for Disease Diagnosis” with S. C. Lin and J.-C. Lu (2009), Statistics in Medicine, Vol. 29, 798 – 813.

“Length Bias in the Measurements of Carbon Nanotubes” (2008), Technometrics, Vol. 50, No.4: 553 – 557.

Detection and Estimation of a Mixture in a Power Law Process for a Repairable System” (2007) with J.-C. Lu and Ni Wang, Journal of Quality Technology. Vol. 39, 140 – 150.

“Estimating load-sharing properties in a dynamic reliability system” (2005) with E. A. Peña, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 100, No. 469, 262 – 272.

“A nonlinear random coefficients model for degradation testing” (2004) with S. J. Bae, Technometrics, 46, No. 4, 460 – 469.

“Nonparametric estimation of a distribution subject to stochastic precedence” (2002) with M. A. Arcones and F. J. Samaniego. Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol. 97, No. 457, 170 – 182.

“Nonparametric Bayes estimation of contamination levels using observations from the residual distribution”, (2000) with R. C. Tiwari and J. N. Zalkikar, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol. 95, No. 452, 1119  – 1126.

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“On estimating distribution functions using nomination samples” (1993), with F. J. Samaniego.  Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol. 88, No. 424, 1317– 1322.

Ph.D., University of California, Davis 1991
M.S., University of Florida 1986
B.S., Iowa State University 1984
Contact Information
214 Jepson Hall
(804) 289-8085
Areas of Expertise
Mathematical and applied statistics