Apprenticeships are also available for mathematics and mathematical economics majors who have made substantial gains in mathematics or data analysis skills under the supervision of a faculty member. Students may either design a project and find a faculty member to oversee it, or a faculty member may suggest an idea for a potential project. If students would like a project to be considered for academic credit, they should then submit a MATH 288 apprenticeship application to the faculty supervisor.

Apprenticeship Guidelines (MATH 288)

In addition to this document, students should read the current description of the MATH 288 internship guidelines.

  1. Here is the catalog description of MATH 288: "Participation in practical application of mathematics skills, such as statistics, data science, or mathematical modeling, with supervision of mathematics or statistics faculty. Does not count for mathematics major or minor or for mathematical economics major. No more than a total of 1.5 units of MATH 288 may count toward the total number of units required for a degree.”
  2. Students cannot be paid for work performed as part of MATH 288 taken for .50 units.
  3. Half-unit MATH 288 courses cannot be taken P/F.
  4. To qualify for MATH 288, students provide a statement describing how the practical training will complement their academic experience, a statement from the employer describing the exact nature of the work, and a mathematics or statistics faculty member recommendation outlining how the experience relates to a mathematics or data science course of study.
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to find a faculty member willing to supervise MATH 288.
  6. A student must apply prior to beginning the apprenticeship for academic credit. The application should include a complete statement of job responsibilities and typical job tasks. The application will also include a statement by the supervising faculty member on how the grade will be determined. The supervising faculty member signs the application. A form for this purpose will be available in the department office.
  7. The department chair will appoint a faculty committee to review each request for academic credit for an apprenticeship.