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Independent Study Application

Student:  Please meet with your Independent Study Supervisor prior to completing this form. 
You and your Supervisor should agree to the Statement of Proposed Investigation and Grading method that will be entered on this form.

This form must be filled out in its entirety before you will be able to submit.

Your proposal must be approved by a departmental committee before you may register for Independent Study.

Choose the appropriate course

Applicant's Name:

Student UR ID Number:

Semester and Year in which study will take place:

Proposed number of units:

Year of graduation:

Please list all Math/CS courses completed:

Name of Faculty Supervisor:

Name of Independent Study Project:

Statement of proposed investigation and/or study:
(Carefully state the nature of your project, indicating your resources, defining your terms, and describing the tangible results of your endeavor. Be Specific!)

Grading (Indicate the basis on which a grade will be awarded.  Must be agreed upon with Faculty Supervisor before form is submitted.)